Messiah Matrix and the Catholic Church

Ken Atchity’s novel receiving renewed attention in light of changes in the church

rosary400Novelist and story merchant Ken Atchity rejoins us for a discussion of how controversies in the Catholic Church, some of them surrounding the departure of Pope Benedict XVI (now Pope Emeritus), are affecting interest in his novel, The Messiah Matrix. As a scholar of history, Ken finds that faith, fiction and history intertwine in fascinating ways, and historical events such as the departure of a living pope have an effect on how the church is perceived, and perhaps, in how it will go forward.

Check out Ken’s recent article in the Huffington Post, Good News from the Vatican.


TT5 – The Messiah Matrix, with author Ken Atchity

A thriller of Biblical proportions from The Story Merchant

Ken Atchity joins us once more to discuss his new novel, The Messiah Matrix, how it was published, and prospects for this and other novels with Hollywood potential. More than modern thriller (which it definitely is), The Messiah Matrix is a thought-provoking, original examination of the origins and evolution of modern Christianity.

From the website:

The Messiah Matrix is a contemporary thriller that takes the reader on an exhilarating quest from the ancient city of Caesarea to Rome’s catacombs and beyond, and provides gripping confirmation for all those who have ever wondered about the actual historical existence of the “Christian Savior”.

The Messiah Matrix may prove to be the most thought-provoking thriller ever written. Classical scholar and Yale Ph.D. Dr. Kenneth John Atchity is the only author alive today capable of creating this literary and historically-based masterpiece.

The Messiah Matrix website is here: