Ken Atchity on the Apple e-books case and its impact on the book industry

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Story Merchant Ken Atchity takes time out from working on the movie, “The Kennedy Detail” in Louisiana, to talk with Larry and Dave about the Apple price-fixing case and its potential and real impacts on traditional publishers and booksellers.

Ken’s Story Merchant Books imprint is part of a major shift to digital publishing, requiring a different mindset and marketing strategy. Ken talks about his passion for stories and introducing new authors, and how Story Merchant Books offers the author higher payback and more control over the content than sales through traditional publishing channels.



Messiah Matrix and the Catholic Church

Ken Atchity’s novel receiving renewed attention in light of changes in the church

rosary400Novelist and story merchant Ken Atchity rejoins us for a discussion of how controversies in the Catholic Church, some of them surrounding the departure of Pope Benedict XVI (now Pope Emeritus), are affecting interest in his novel, The Messiah Matrix. As a scholar of history, Ken finds that faith, fiction and history intertwine in fascinating ways, and historical events such as the departure of a living pope have an effect on how the church is perceived, and perhaps, in how it will go forward.

Check out Ken’s recent article in the Huffington Post, Good News from the Vatican.


Forensics and Fiction: The D.P. Lyle Interview, Part 2

Doug Lyle talks about his role as a forensics consultant for movies and TV

Forensic thriller writer D.P. Lyle joins us for a second session, this time to talk about his work as a forensics consultant for movies and TV, as well as for other authors. In addition to being a novelist, Lyle is a practicing cardiologist.  Over the years, he’s received thousands of questions about forensic medicine over the years and many of these are compiled in his Forensics and Fiction books.