Dennis Palumbo on his latest novel, “Night Terrors”

Third Daniel Rinaldi Mystery from Dennis Palumbo Due May 7

Dennis-Palumbo-2013Screenwriter, psychotherapist, and oh yes, novelist Dennis Palumbo joins Larry and Dave once again to talk about his newest novel and share his perspectives about thriller writing.


Night Terrors is the third in the critically-acclaimed mystery series featuring psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi. In this compelling new thriller, set against the backdrop of a brutal Pittsburgh winter, Daniel is asked to treat retired FBI profiler Lyle Barnes, whose terrifying nocturnal visions cause him to wake up screaming.


After twenty years spent inside the heads of the nation’s worst serial killers, Barnes is not only falling apart psychologically, but also finds himself the target of an unknown assassin, whose mounting list of victims paralyzes the city. Hidden for his own protection by his former colleagues in the Bureau, Barnes secretly escapes, drawing Daniel and a joint FBI-Pittsburgh PD Task Force into a desperate manhunt for the missing agent. Can they find him before the killer does?


Great conversation from a fascinating, multi-talented writer.