TT14 Larry’s Post-Holiday Recommended Thrillers

Larry gives us his recommended thrillers, plus a couple to avoid.

Making thriller recommendations isn’t easy, but in this episode, Larry and Dave discuss a couple definite reads:

As the new movie, Jack Reacher (which Larry recommends) is hitting theatres, it might be a good idea to check out the Lee Child novel it’s based on, One Shot.  Reacher is a unique character in thriller fiction, fitting the mold of the lone, traveling crime-fighter in the mold of the Lone Ranger.  Never staying in one place very long, living a very spartan life, but making a difference wherever he goes.  Childs has written 17 Jack Reacher novels.
Larry gives One Shot 3.5 stars out of 5

Larry’s favorite of today (and one of his favorites any day) is Michael Connelly.  Connelly’s new Harry Bosch novel is Black Box.  Bosch is a cold case unit detective who finds himself investigating some apparent homocides that took place during the Los Angeles riots in 1992.  It’s a fascinating puzzle that leads in many unexpected directions.  A winner from Connelly.
Larry gives Black Box 4.5 stars (at least) out of 5

Less exciting is David Baldacci’s John Puller novel, Forgotten.  While Baldacci is a highly talented writer, this particular thriller wasn’t up to his usual standards.  Larry feels this book is derivative of the Jack Reacher concept, perhaps a little too close.  Larry also felt the plot, involving modern-day slave trading, was perhaps a bit unrealistic.
Larry gives Forgotten 2.5 stars out of 5
Today’s clinker is John Grisham’s The Racketeer.  Larry feels that Grisham is highly talented, as reflected in his earlier novels (Pelican Brief, The Client), but more recent works are not up to his real capability.  Larry particularly takes issue with Grisham’s stated disdain for research and/or realism.  The book is far-fetched, and definitely not up to Grisham’s clear talent and should be avoided.
Larry gives The Racketeer 1 star out of 5